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Soft Tip ·

Apocalypse 20 gram


Finished in our stylish and unique black coated finish with a superb choice of grips coupled with exceptional performance characteristics. All-round enhanced throw versatility with a complete range that's ready to start the career of any player.

Darts x3 Darts per set
Packaging Classic, Winmau Aluminium Point Protector
Flights x1 Prism Alpha standard extra thick 6915.104
Shafts x1 Prism 1.0 medium 7015.204
Barrel Weight 20 grams
Tungsten % Brass
Thread 2BA
Weight Distribution Centre
Barrel Profile Specialist
Front Profile Tapered
Point Type Softip
Grip Zone Front and rear
Grip Type Medium knurl
Grip Level 4 (1 = Smooth, 5 = Aggressive)
Groove Colour Black, Red
Laser Etched Black Coated Finish
Surface Finish Black Coated Finish
Dimensions 8.8mm x 48.3mm
Model No 2222-20
Barcode 5023231012364
Range Apocalypse
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